Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Free Idea #5 - Airport pre-paid postage

Sell 'send home' packaging with pre-paid postage
outside airport security gates so that penknives,
scissors, picnic knives and other 'terrorist'
weapons that people forget to check-in or leave
behind can be posted back to them and not

Free Idea #4 - Ticketing car park spaces

Number car park spaces so that on entry, the
driver's ticket would allocate a space number
and floor, in the case of multi-storey, and
will register that space empty on departing.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Free Idea #3 - Reality Prisoner TV show

Produce a reality TV show where twelve prisoners
who are eligible for parole spend several weeks
together in a secure house. The prisoners will
be filmed twenty four hours a day and the
highlights broadcast to the public. Each week
viewers nominate who returns to prison. The last
remaining prisoner will be granted parole,
having been judged the most suitable to return to

Monday, May 28, 2007

Free Idea #2 - Museum of One Thousand Dollars

Open the Museum of One Thousand Dollars. Each
exhibit would be an example of what one thousand
dollars can buy. Items on display might include
a used car, a heap of chocolate bars or a Cartier
cigarette lighter. The exhibits would change
regularly to reflect current trends and prices.

Free Idea #1 - Postal number

Issue people with a number instead of a postal
address. The number would be registered with the
Post Office. The envelopes bearing the number
would be read at mail sorting offices and printed
with the addressee's current address. Subsequent
changes of address could be updated simply by
keying in the new information at the Post Office.